Progressive Credentials

Rachel’s Progressive credentials are demonstrated by her co-founding and Chairmanship of the Progressive Caucus of the NYS Democratic Committee, which has been a catalyst for progressive change in the Democratic Party since its inception in 2012.

The Progressive Agenda

  • Progressive Credentials - Elizabeth Warren
    Petitioning for Elizabeth Warren for the Presidential Primary

    The Progressive Caucus’ work was central to the dissolution of the IDC. The Caucus put the NYS Democratic Committee on public record, agreeing to deny financial or in-kind support for any State Senator who was an IDC member. We were the first political organization of any kind to come out and publicly sever a political relationship with the IDC.

  • At the Caucus’ founding meeting in 2013, well before the #MeToo movement was part of public awareness, it became the first Democratic Party entity to call for the removal of then-powerful but predatory Assemblymember Vito Lopez from the Democratic Party for his sexual harassment of female staffers. The Caucus then ensured that the State Party officially supported our position, starting the process of Vito Lopez’s removal from elected as well as Party office.
  • The Progressive Caucus has put forward resolutions on ethics reform, ranked choice voting, By-laws Revision, protection of undocumented immigrants, passage of a Millionaire’s Tax, and support for rent control and stabilization, and demanded accountability of Party leadership and elected officials. The Progressive Caucus works closely with our colleagues in the Rural Caucus, especially around issues concerning the gas pipeline, agricultural issues, and the rights of farmworkers.